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Hello everyone

DSC_2121Hello world,

with my new website i want to show the world my passion for photography. On different pages there will be all kind of photography that i do, from Macro to Landscape, from Portraits to Weddings.

I like to shoot every kind of stuff, but my passion is Macrophotography and lately i found lot of fun in Portraitphotography.

I am a hobby photographer based in Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegowina, beautiful little city in Western Bosnia surrounded by 9 rivers.

As you can probably see from the colorful images that i make, i am a Nikon user. I am using Nikon D750 body with Tamron 24-70 mm 2.8 VC, Tamron 70-200 G2 and Nikon 105 mm 2.8 micro lenses.

For the texts and blogs on this page i will use English and Bosnian language, so that my followers can follow and understand what exactly i want to show and represent with my photos.

I hope you will like it !

Feel free to share the links to my page and help me to reach lot of people who are interested in nice pictures from landscapes , nature and people from Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegowina and around the world.